GreenBank’s investment portfolio is comprised of small-cap companies that can benefit from GreenBank’s expertise in public company listings. In addition to funding, GreenBank provides corporate advice and board of directors participation with the objective of seeking a public listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange and dual listings on stock exchanges in the USA and Europe.

Portfolio Companies:

The Lonsdale Group LLC

USA based private equity company focused on small cap investments;

10% of The Lonsdale Group LLC which is a USA private equity company feeding deals and investment opportunities to GreenBank.  It was founded in 2008 by David Lonsdale, a GreenBank director, and the former President of Allegiance Capital Corporation, a private investment bank focusing on mergers and acquisitions. Lonsdale has minority investments in a number of diversified private companies comprising data protection, emergency response technology, insurance products, telecommunication testing equipment, technology marketing platforms, and medical alert technology. In addition to equity financing, Lonsdale Group plays an active advisory role in helping its portfolio companies grow.

Ubique Minerals Limited

Minerals exploration company with interests in Newfoundland, Canada;

27% of Ubique Minerals Limited, a zinc exploration company in Newfoundland, Canada.  Ubique owns  claims around the former Daniel’s Harbour zinc mine situated approximately 10 km northeast of the town of Daniel’s Harbour on the west coast of Newfoundland. Ubique is currently undertaking a drilling project on the property, and it is interesting to note that the claims adjacent to Ubique’s claims are primarily owned by Altius Minerals Corporation, a Newfoundland mineral explorer with a $500 million market cap.  With approximately 7,000,000 tonnes averaging 7.8% zinc having been mined from the Daniel’s Harbour mine, GreenBank has high hopes for its investment (Wardle, R.J. (2000) Mineral Commodities of Newfoundland and Labrador - Zinc and Lead; Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Geological Survey, Mineral Commodities Series Number 1, 12).  

Reliable Stock Transfer Inc

Canadian small cap transfer agency;

10% of Reliable Stock Transfer Inc, a Toronto based transfer agency focused on providing transfer agency services to public companies listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Reliable provides stock transfer services for small cap public companies at competitive rates. Services include processing of transfers, shareholder reports, obtaining CUSIP and ISIN numbers, acting as escrow agents, acting as scrutineers for shareholder meetings, providing stock options and warrant services, shareholder mailing services, and processing treasury directions

Slabdeck Technology Inc

Developers of a unique comprehensive all-in-one search mobile application that integrates social search, discovery and communication.

14% of Slabdeck Technology Inc a comprehensive all-in-one search mobile application that integrates social search, discovery and communication. Slabdeck resolves the challenge of having to use numerous apps to find items of interest. The Slabdeck mobile application is currently in beta form, and version 1.0 is anticipated to be released in October 2017. The 1.0 version will enable users to receive customized information based on their preferences, which are displayed in content decks. With Slabdeck’s deck displays, users will discover personal things of interest, such as restaurants, entertainment, sports, travel, retail stores etc. Slabdeck version 1.0 offers the ability to locate nearby facilities, friends or people of interest. Group pods can be created for people with common interests, co-workers, friends, and family. The group pods facilitate free instant messaging, photo and video sharing, all in one place. Slabdeck 1.0 will also offer high quality internet-based free voice calls, live broadcasting, and text messaging. Further, PDF documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows, can be sent and received without the need for email or file sharing apps.  Slabdeck version 1.0 has a built-in encryption layer and only the user and the recipient can read or listen to messages and calls.

Blockchain Evolution Inc

Owners of the world’s first identification based blockchain;

15% of Blockchain Evolution Inc owners of the world’s first identification based blockchain. This company is unique in that its blockchain has identification as its basis, compared to all other blockchains which are based on anonymity. Blockchains are public ledgers that record executed transactions. In the cryptocurrency space this has enabled the recording and processing of anonymous users coin transactions. However, anonymity causes problems for governments and regulators,so Blockchain Evolution Inc has developed its blockchain to enable identification of users. The  blockchain of Blockchain Evolution is now used by GreenCoinX, the world’s first identified cryptocurrency. The potential for blockchain technology in the FinTech space, as well as other uses, is significant.

KYC Technology Inc

Owners of a worldwide online 24-hour “Know Your Customer” identification verification process;

15% of KYC Technology Inc owners of a worldwide online 24-hour “Know Your Customer” identification verification process. KYC is a requirement by the regulators and the commercial world, and the online system at KYC provides a low-cost solution. This company is the exclusive provider of KYC identification for GreenCoinX, and intends to expand its customer base to the FinTech space , and offer its services worldwide.

North America Veterans Insurance Services Inc

An insurance agency holding company

100% of North America Veterans Insurance Services Inc  incorporating its subsidiary Veterans Financial Group LLC, a USA based insurance agency providing whole life, term life, universal life, indexed universal life, annuities, final expense, health, and Medicare insurance products. North America Veterans Insurance Services intends to expand by acquiring other insurance agencies to cover the whole spectrum of insurance services.

Inside Bay Street Corporation

A financial news communications business;

19% of Inside Bay Street Corporation, a financial communications company.  The latest addition to GreenBank’s investment portfolio, Inside Bay Street is an online portal that offers dissemination of company news by way of press releases, research reports and commentary which is distributed to brokers, investment dealers, and investors. It also provides exposure to small cap companies in its Featured Companies section. The website is currently being modified and upgraded to add features that will enhance the portal in order to attract a larger user base of investors and small cap growth companies, and it will re-launch in the near future.

Buchans Wileys Exploration Inc.

Minerals exploration company with interests in Newfoundland, Canada;

27% of Buchans Wileys Exploration Inc which  owns the Buchans Wileys property consisting of 48 claims south of the town of Buchans in central Newfoundland. The claims cover a total area of 11 square km. Buchans Wileys is approximately 3km southwest of the past producing Buchans Mine. From 1927-1984 the Buchans Mine produced 16,196,876 tonnes of ore at an average mill head grade of 14.51% zinc, 7.65% lead, 1.33% copper, 126 grams/tonne silver and 1.37 grams per tonne gold, which is among the highest grade ores in North America. (Wardle,R.J  (2000) Mineral Commodities of Newfoundland and Labrador- Zinc and Lead; Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Geological Survey, Mineral Commodities Series Number 1, 12 pages). Buchans Wileys is adjacent to the Buchans Project assembled since 2014 by Altius Minerals Corporation, and recently transferred to its affiliate Adventus Zinc Corporation which completed its initial public offering in February 2017.

Medi-Data Blockchain Inc.

Blockchain based medical confidentiality company

100% of Medi-Data Blockchain Inc, which provides blockchain based medical confidentiality systems to the healthcare community. Recording and storing patient data on an identification based blockchain represents the future of healthcare recordkeeping. Medi-Data will offer a custom designed blockchain solution to ensure patient data confidentiality, which is anticipated to be available in March 2018. Medi-Data will address modern medical and healthcare recordkeeping needs to comply with privacy standards for handling protected health information. If a patient's confidentiality is violated, hospitals, doctors, dentists, hygienists, caregivers, and other healthcare practitioners risk expensive, damaging lawsuits and regulatory issues. By utilizing the Medi-Data identification based blockchain, healthcare  recordkeeping will be maintained in a secure and low-cost environment in compliance with privacy standards.