GreenBank’s investment portfolio is comprised of small-cap companies that can benefit from GreenBank’s expertise in public company listings. In addition to funding, GreenBank provides corporate advice and board of directors participation with the objective of seeking a public listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange and dual listings on stock exchanges in the USA and Europe.

Portfolio Companies:

Blockchain Evolution Inc

Owners of the world’s first identification based blockchain;

52% of Blockchain Evolution Inc.  which owns the technology behind the world’s first identification-based Blockchain. Its mission is to engage in software development and marketing of identification-based blockchains, and deploy the technology in a wide array of uses.  Blockchain Evolution’s 100% subsidiary Xbook Network Inc is developing a user  permissioned social media platform empowering users to control access to their personal data, and which shares 50% of Xbook revenue with Xbook users. Xbook is utilizing Blockchain Evolution technology to provide the critical user identification infrastructure that is needed to accurately and securely record data for both users and advertisers. The potential for blockchain technology in the FinTech space, as well as other uses, is significant.

Medik Blockchain Inc.

Blockchain based medical confidentiality company

100% of Medik Blockchain Inc, which provides blockchain based medical confidentiality systems to the healthcare community. Recording and storing patient data on an identification based blockchain represents the future of healthcare recordkeeping. Medik Blockchain will offer a custom designed blockchain solution to ensure patient data confidentiality, which is anticipated to be available in March 2018. Medik Blockchain will address modern medical and healthcare recordkeeping needs to comply with privacy standards for handling protected health information. If a patient's confidentiality is violated, hospitals, doctors, dentists, hygienists, caregivers, and other healthcare practitioners risk expensive, damaging lawsuits and regulatory issues. By utilizing the Medik identification based blockchain, healthcare recordkeeping will be maintained in a secure and low-cost environment in compliance with privacy standards.

The Lonsdale Group LLC

USA based private equity company focused on small cap investments;

10% of The Lonsdale Group LLC which is a USA private equity company feeding deals and investment opportunities to GreenBank.  It was founded in 2008 by David Lonsdale, a GreenBank director, and the former President of Allegiance Capital Corporation, a private investment bank focusing on mergers and acquisitions. Lonsdale has minority investments in a number of diversified private companies comprising data protection, emergency response technology, insurance products, telecommunication testing equipment, technology marketing platforms, and medical alert technology. In addition to equity financing, Lonsdale Group plays an active advisory role in helping its portfolio companies grow.

Ubique Minerals Limited

Minerals exploration company with interests in Newfoundland, Canada;

27% of Ubique Minerals Limited, a zinc exploration company in Newfoundland, Canada.  Ubique owns  claims around the former Daniel’s Harbour zinc mine situated approximately 10 km northeast of the town of Daniel’s Harbour on the west coast of Newfoundland. Ubique is currently undertaking a drilling project on the property, and it is interesting to note that the claims adjacent to Ubique’s claims are primarily owned by Altius Minerals Corporation, a Newfoundland mineral explorer with a $500 million market cap.  With approximately 7,000,000 tonnes averaging 7.8% zinc having been mined from the Daniel’s Harbour mine, GreenBank has high hopes for its investment (Wardle, R.J. (2000) Mineral Commodities of Newfoundland and Labrador - Zinc and Lead; Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Geological Survey, Mineral Commodities Series Number 1, 12).  

North America Veterans Insurance Services Inc

An insurance agency holding company

100% of North America Veterans Insurance Services Inc  incorporating its subsidiary Veterans Financial Group LLC, a USA based insurance agency providing whole life, term life, universal life, indexed universal life, annuities, final expense, health, and Medicare insurance products. North America Veterans Insurance Services intends to expand by acquiring other insurance agencies to cover the whole spectrum of insurance services.

Inside Bay Street Corporation

A financial news communications business;

19% of Inside Bay Street Corporation, a financial communications company.  An online portal that offers dissemination of company news by way of press releases, research reports and commentary which is distributed to brokers, investment dealers, and investors. It also provides exposure to small cap companies in its Featured Companies section. The website is currently being modified and upgraded to add features that will enhance the portal in order to attract a larger user base of investors and small cap growth companies, and it will re-launch in the near future.

Reliable Stock Transfer Inc

Canadian small cap transfer agency;

10% of Reliable Stock Transfer Inc, a Toronto based transfer agency focused on providing transfer agency services to public companies listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Reliable provides stock transfer services for small cap public companies at competitive rates. Services include processing of transfers, shareholder reports, obtaining CUSIP and ISIN numbers, acting as escrow agents, acting as scrutineers for shareholder meetings, providing stock options and warrant services, shareholder mailing services, and processing treasury directions

Buchans Wileys Exploration Inc.

Minerals exploration company with interests in Newfoundland, Canada;

27% of Buchans Wileys Exploration Inc which  owns the Buchans Wileys property consisting of 48 claims south of the town of Buchans in central Newfoundland. The claims cover a total area of 11 square km. Buchans Wileys is approximately 3km southwest of the past producing Buchans Mine. From 1927-1984 the Buchans Mine produced 16,196,876 tonnes of ore at an average mill head grade of 14.51% zinc, 7.65% lead, 1.33% copper, 126 grams/tonne silver and 1.37 grams per tonne gold, which is among the highest grade ores in North America. (Wardle,R.J  (2000) Mineral Commodities of Newfoundland and Labrador- Zinc and Lead; Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Geological Survey, Mineral Commodities Series Number 1, 12 pages). Buchans Wileys is adjacent to the Buchans Project assembled since 2014 by Altius Minerals Corporation, and recently transferred to its affiliate Adventus Zinc Corporation which completed its initial public offering in February 2017.

Kabaddi Games Inc.

Developers of a mobile application game that is based on the sport of Kabaddi

19% of Kabaddi Games Inc a mobile application game that derives from the very popular sport of Kabaddi. The Kabaddi game is currently in beta form, and version 1.0 is anticipated to be released in the summer of 2018.  The sport of Kabaddi is the second most popular sport in India, after cricket, attracting 430 million television viewers during the 2014 inaugural televised season of the Pro Kabaddi League. The sport of Kabaddi is a cross between freestyle wrestling and rugby that tests speed, agility and power. Two teams of seven players each take turns in sending an individual “raider” to tag an opponent. If the raider is wrestled down by a defender he is suspended temporarily until his team wins him back by tackling the opposition’s raider. The game is fast paced and the winner is declared in 40 minutes. Kabaddi is played in about 65 countries.

Gander Exploration Inc.

Minerals exploration company with interests in Newfoundland, Canada

19.9% of Gander Exploration Inc has its principal property the Cripple Creek Property in Newfoundland, comprising 65 claims located 25km north of the town of Gander. Between 2011 and 2013 Capstone Mining Corp (TSX:CS) completed airborne geophysical, soil sampling and mapping surveys on the Cripple Creek Property, as well as a 10-hole drilling program in 2013. The highlights of the drilling program were 9.28m of 2.98 copper; 3.6m of 4.74% copper and 0.16 g/t of Gold. The drilling program also discovered awaruite in several drill holes (Capstone Mining Corp, Newfoundland Geological Survey, Assessment File 2E/1823). Previously, in 2005, seven grab samples from the property yielded significant gold, copper and silver values, including up to 19.8 g/t gold, up to 10.2% copper, and up to 21.9 g/t silver (P.H. Davenport, L.W. Nolan, A.J. Butler, H.A. Wagenbauer and P. Honarvar, 1999 The Geoscience Atlas of Newfoundland, Newfoundland Department of Mines and Energy, Geological Survey, Open File NFLD/2687,Version1.1).

Minfocus Exploration Corp

A TSXV publicly listed minerals exploration company

19.62% of Minfocus Exploration Corp (TSXV: MFX) a publicly listed minerals exploration company. GreenBank acquired its investment in a private transaction and has requisitioned a Minfocus shareholders meeting to remove the current directors of Minfocus and replace them with three new directors. In the opinion of GreenBank, the current directors of Minfocus have taken actions that serve only the interests of the Minfocus directors and do not serve the interests of Minfocus shareholders.


KYC Technology Inc

Owners of a worldwide online 24-hour “Know Your Customer” identification verification process;

15% of KYC Technology Inc owners of a worldwide online 24-hour “Know Your Customer” identification verification process. KYC is a requirement by the regulators and the commercial world, and the online system at KYC provides a low-cost solution. This company is the exclusive provider of KYC identification for GreenCoinX, and intends to expand its customer base to the FinTech space , and offer its services worldwide.

Cannabis Blockchain Inc.

Developers of a digital information management system for the cannabis industry

100% of Cannabis Blockchain Inc  developers of an industry-wide digital information management system for the cannabis industry. Cannabis Blockchain will provide an identification-based blockchain solution for cannabis consumers, retailers, growers, manufacturers and the wider ecosystem. This solution will be hosted on a modified EvolveChain platform, be accessible by a mobile app, and provide universal but private access and real-time “seed-to-sale” transaction capabilities. Using Cannabis Blockchain, it will be possible to efficiently track the entire value-chain journey from source of product until the point of purchase, across the cannabis industry, which is of significant value to all the stakeholders

Expatriate Assistance Services Inc

Providing relocation services to expatriates

100% of Expatriate Assistance Services Inc  providing a broad range of services to expatriates seeking to settle in Canada.  Fee based services provided include employment opportunities, immigration and visa procedures, housing assistance, education opportunities, banking facilities, and professional services. Clients can select from a menu of support services on an “as needed” basis.  Concierge services include home-country assistance with tax issues, bill payments, property management, and cross-border estate planning.   

Slabdeck Technology Inc

Developers of a search mobile application.

 14% of Slabdeck Technology Inc , developers of a search mobile application. Slabdeck resolves the challenge of having to use numerous apps to find items of interest. The Slabdeck mobile application is currently in beta form, and version 1.0 is anticipated to be released shortly. 

GBC Grand Exploration Inc.

Minerals exploration company with interests in Newfoundland, Canada

50% of GBC Grand Exploration Inc, which has as its principal property the Twilite Gold Property in Newfoundland, comprising 65 claims located 14km southwest of Grand Falls-Windsor. The Twilite property features low-sulphidation epithermal-style gold mineralization and shares geological characteristics in common with the Moosehead bonanza-style gold property located 30 km to the northeast. A NI-43-101 Report on the Twilite property is underway. Grand also owns the Browning property comprising 24 claims located 2km south of Pollards Point, Newfoundland. The Browning Property includes the Browning Mine, which produced 149 ounces of gold in 1903.  The Browning Mine is the best-known gold deposit in the area and has the distinction of being one of the first-producing gold-only deposits on the Island of Newfoundland. On the Browning property, gold mineralization is epigenetic and is associated with mesothermal-style quartz and quartz-carbonate veins that typically also contain base-metal sulphides such as pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena and sphalerite.  Iron carbonate alteration is spatially associated with gold-bearing veins at the Browning Mine (Kerr. A, Current Research (2006) Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources Geological Survey, Report 06-1, pages 61-90).