GreenBank is a merchant banking business listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (trading symbols CSE:GBC and OTCMKTS:GRNBF), and is included in the CSE Composite Index. GreenBank’s 100% subsidiary GreenBank Financial Inc. is a merchant bank.

GreenBank’s portfolio companies comprise equity investments in 16 small cap businesses, namely; 52% of Blockchain Evolution Inc, owners of the world’s first identification based blockchain,  and developers of Xbook a user permissioned and revenue sharing social media platform; 10% of The Lonsdale Group LLC, a USA based private equity company focused on small cap investments; 25% of Ubique Minerals Limited, a zinc exploration company in Newfoundland, Canada;  10% of Reliable Stock Transfer Inc, a Canadian small cap transfer agency; 14% of Slabdeck Technology Inc, developers of a search mobile application; 12% of KYC Technology Inc, owners of a worldwide online 24-hour “Know Your Customer” identification verification process; 19% of Inside Bay Street Corporation, a financial news communications company; 27% of Buchans Wileys Exploration Inc, a minerals exploration company with interests in Newfoundland, Canada; 100% of Medik Blockchain Inc, providing blockchain based medical confidentiality systems to the healthcare community; 100% of North America Veterans Insurance Services Inc, an insurance agency holding company; 19% of Kabaddi Games Inc, developers of a mobile application game based on the sport of Kabaddi; 19.62% of Minfocus Exploration Corp (TSXV: MFX), a mineral exploration company; 19.9% of Gander Exploration, a minerals exploration company in Newfoundland, Canada; 100% of Cannabis Blockchain Inc, developers of a digital information management system for the cannabis industry; 100% of Expatriate Assistance Services Inc, providing relocation services to expatriates; and 50% of GBC Grand Exploration Inc, a minerals exploration company in Newfoundland, Canada.

Our CEO has over 40 years’ experience in merchant banking, and our focus is on the small cap space. We specialize in private equity, public listings, small cap investments, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, reverse mergers, and small business incubating.


GreenBank invests in minority stakes in private companies. Private Equity investments are usually reserved for major investors with access to the opportunities offered by the larger investment banks. Smaller investors are “shut-out” of such deals. By investing in GreenBank investors have indirect access to a portfolio of private equity investments.


GreenBank management has over 40 years of experience in public listings, and its CEO has facilitated six CSE listings.  The public listing enables private companies to gain access to capital and offers liquidity to investors. GreenBank aims to list companies on the CSE, and dual list them on the OTCQB in the USA, and on the Duetsche Borse in Europe.


Small Cap investments are usually defined as companies with a market capitalization of less than $100M. This sector is neglected by both Bay Street and Wall Street investment bankers, who tend to focus on larger deals as they generate larger commissions. GreenBank is not incentivized by commissions, but by long-term capital appreciation of its investment portfolio.


Early stage companies sometimes get into corporate difficulties due to inexperience or lack of finance. The GreenBank team has the experience to provide solutions that can either recapitalize or restructure the corporate entity. GreenBank can assist with problems such as debt renegotiation, redomicile of the corporation to a more favorable jurisdiction, or just general corporate “clean-up” issues, all of which can streamline the growth process.


By accessing the public markets, the small cap companies that GreenBank invests in have the ability to use their publicly listed shares as an acquisition tool to expand their businesses by strategic transactions. Further, the Mergers and Acquisition experience of GreenBank directors can also facilitate private acquisition transactions.


Reverse mergers are transactions in which a private company merges with a public company and becomes the dominant part of the enlarged business.  In many case the post-merger company changes its business focus to that of its new subsidiary. Danny Wettreich, CEO of GreenBank, has facilitated 16 reverse merger transactions on multiple exchanges ranging from the CSE, to NASDAQ, to AMEX, to the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange.


Private companies often need to be assisted with both funding and management expertise. When GreenBank makes an investment in a portfolio business, the GreenBank directors take one or more board positions in the portfolio company. GreenBank then provides the expertise and funding needed to develop the business further.  It effectively “incubates” companies to the point where they can graduate to a public listing on the CSE.