About GreenBank Capital Inc

GreenBank Capital Inc LogoGreenBank is a Canadian public company (trading symbols CSE:GBC and OTCMKTS:GRNBF). Its 80% subsidiary GreenCoinX Inc. is a software company that has developed the world’s first crypto currency that requires users to be identified. Its 100% subsidiary GreenBank Financial Inc. is an investment bank.

GreenBank will shortly be launching the GreenCoinX ecosystem which encompasses an identifiable crypto currency, a free online wallet, and a free online crypto currency exchange. GreenCoinX has also addressed currency stability by way of a treasury function, and blockchain longevity by way of the non-profit Digital Foundation which ensures miner rewards over the next 145 years. The first government in the world to welcome GreenCoinX is the Isle of Man, whose Minister for Economic Development said “GreenCoinX has the potential to make a significant difference in the digital currency arena”